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Innovative Procedures Based on Patient Outcomes
Dr Marc Gruner

Dr. Marc Gruner offers a wide range of Advanced Minimally Invasive procedures. Featured procedures of note are as follows:

Sonex Carpal Tunnel Release (CTR) with the SX-One MicroKnife® and ultrasound guidance is a new and innovative surgical option for patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome.


 Trigger Finger Release is a minimally invasive technique to perform a similar release without a surgical incision. It is called a Percutaneous Trigger Finger Release Under Ultrasound Guidance.


Tenex procedure is a non-surgical procedure that helps patients who are suffering from chronic tendon pain by removing damaged scar tissue on the tendons.


Tendon Scraping procedure is a successful treatment solution for patients suffering from chronic painful Achilles or Patella Tendonitis.


Dr. Gruner | On Diagnostic & Orthobiologics Treatment Options
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