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An MSK Digital Health Platform

Limber was started by my brother and I in 2019. We were passionate about improving musculoskeletal care by integrating digital care with existing in-person MSK care networks.

I am a Sports Medicine Physician and the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Limber Health. My passion for Limber stemmed from working on innovative alternative payment models that could transform healthcare payment delivery for musculoskeletal care.

With the help of the AMA, AAPM&R, APTA, and many other stakeholders I helped create the new remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) CPT codes for physicians, physical therapists, and occupational therapists which were approved by Medicare in January of 2022.


Dr. Marc Gruner and his Brother

Award-winning platform, Limber Health, partners with in-clinic providers to deliver hybrid care by offering digital tools such as a library of at-home exercises, progress tracking and data analytics to ensure patients stay on track and see positive outcomes. In addition, patients get access to a national network of in-person physical therapists as well as emotional health coaches.

Beyond providers, Limber also partners with employers who want to offer their platform as a benefit to employees. 77% of users have avoided surgery or further treatment after completing a Limber program, equating to lower employer medical spend and reduced absenteeism.


Notably, Limber’s work goes further than the treatment space. The company helped pioneer Remote Therapeutic Monitoring billing codes with the American Medical Association so providers can be reimbursed for their virtual care, starting from the initial setup and patient education to remote monitoring.

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