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Microfragmented Fat

Patients of all ages suffer from orthopaedic issues including athletes (including elite), weekend warriors, busy working professionals, elderly patients and more. When patients experience injuries or orthopaedic issues that cause them discomfort, the first line of treatment is typically conservative interventions like physical therapy, corticosteroids and viscosupplementation. Unfortunately, when these options are no longer effective or the patient is not ready for major, invasive surgery, they suffer from debilitating pain, reduce quality of life, and significant financial burden. Lipogems is a best in class FDA cleared option for patients that are between conservative therapy and are not ready for major invasive surgery.

Have you tried conservative options with minimal relief and you are not ready for major invasive surgery?

Patients that have tried conservative options with minimal relief and who are not ready for major invasive surgery are considered to be in the “treatment gap”. They are typically in the gap for 9-12 years, but it is more like 20 years. Younger patients spend 40 years in the treatment gap, which is majority of their life.











Lipogems Advantage:

  • High Standard of Care from a Trusted Orthopaedic Physician

  • FDA Cleared for Use in Orthopaedics and Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure in the Office or Surgical Setting: Less than an hour for the procedure

  • Best Quality Tissue: Your own fat is the highest quality tissue

  • Pure: Only uses saline to wash away the impurities such as blood, oil, and cell debris

  • May be Used in Multiple Treatment Sites on A Patient in A Single Setting

  • Minimal Risk of Rejection or Infection since you are using your own tissue

  • Supported by Strong Scientific Evidence (80+ Publications with up to 3 years of evidence)

  • Over 40,000 Procedures Performed World with low rate of minor complications and no major complications reported

  • Offered by Leading Orthopaedic Physicians Around the World

  • Available at the Department of Defense

  • Multiple Orthopaedic Issues: Your own Microfragmented Fat (MFat) maybe injected into multiple areas at the same time

  • No risk of rejection or infection since you are using your own tissue

  • Minimal downtime after the procedure

  • Minimal pain medication needed after the procedure

  • Economical: a) One-time procedure for the majority of people, and b) Cheaper than the out of pocket cost of major orthopaedic surgery

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