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Chronic Compartment Syndrome - Common in Runners

Chronic exertional syndrome is one of the most common causes of pain, numbness, and foot drop of patients who are regular runners. It is common for this condition to occur in both legs.

Traditional surgery scars from compartment syndrome treatment.
Incision scars made by traditional surgery. Modern treatment options eliminate the need for invasive surgery.

We now have a new treatment option where we can release the fascia which in turn improves the pressure in the leg compartments. This procedure can be an option for patients who fail conservative treatments. Instead of having a large incision in the leg (as shown in the photo), we can now release the front compartments under ultrasound with a small instrument.

This diagram shows the inside cross section of the leg. The top layer is the fascia and below the structure is the muscle. We can release this fascia under ultrasound avoiding nerves and arteries.


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