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Ulnar Nerve Impingement (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome) isn't Funny

Ulnar nerve injuries are one of the most common causes of pain, numbness and tingling radiating from the elbow to the pinky and ring finger. Sudden onset of pain in this area is commonly understood referred to as the “funny bone," although the technical term is Ulnar Nerve Impingement or Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Ulnar nerve pain can be worse at night when you bend your elbow during sleep. This pain can be caused by either by a muscle or a ligament pinching the ulnar nerve.

Injuries in this area are caused by overuse and muscle instability. Over time, weakness can be caused by this condition.

One of the first courses of treatment includes therapy. When therapy does not improve the condition, diagnostic ultrasound can be used to evaluate the the nerve. Under ultrasound, injection around the nerve may be performed to free up the tissue, unblocking the area that is causing the compression. Using ultrasound, the ulnar nerve can be observed in real time, determining the cause of the restriction. Diagnosis using ultrasound technology is beneficial because it allows your doctor to see both the nerve and surrounding internal structures interacting with the nerve. Additionally, dynamic ultrasound can be used by your surgeon to determine a proper surgical treatment plan.

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